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Intuitively yours

A Christmas gift tag that my late sister Eran made out of pressed tin for me inspired this new collection. I’ve kept it all of these years as I love the meaning and the design. I chose this ‘intuitively’ and named the collection ‘Intuitively Yours’, a message in there to trust your inner voice and wisdom – we always have the answers, inspiration and love inside we just need to be reminded to acknowledge and harness it.

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12 items

12 Items

12 Collections

  1. $96.00
    Goddess crescent moon earrings

    48mm drop

  2. $63.00
    Lotus pearl earrings

    25mm drop

  3. $48.00
    New beginnings oval hoop earrings

    58mm drop

  4. $84.00
    Lotus purity earrings

    43mm drop

  5. $48.00
    Hand of love and protection charm

    10 x 25mm

  6. $84.00
    Evil eye luck and protection ring

    20 x 20mm disc (adjustable)

  7. $72.00
    Mandala harmony earrings

    35mm drop

  8. $63.00
    Golden sun and moon pearl earrings

    27mm drop

  9. $68.00
    Mermaid goddess earrings

    60mm drop

  10. $65.00
    Make a wish spinner charm

    20 x 25mm

  11. $72.00
    Path of gold earrings

    20 x 20mm

  12. $60.00
    Evil eye charm earrings

    35mm drop length

Filter by

12 items

12 Items

12 Collections


Intuitively Yours

Statement and petite earrings, rings and charms form this collection to symbolise protection and love. Ever popular Palas symbols of the crescent goddess moon, evil eye, mandala and boho sun are featured to layer together or wear simply on a leather bracelet or sterling silver chain. Love, Anna x