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Silver ocean goddess

“The ocean is everything I want to be... beautiful, mysterious, wild and free” inspired by the ocean this collection symbolises freedom, healing and balance in all sterling silver with crystals and pearls.

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13 items

13 Items

13 Collections

  1. $60.00
    Lotus charm necklace

    45cm chain (11 x 11mm charm)

  2. $60.00
    Lotus stud earrings

    11 x 11mm

  3. $68.00
    Chakra healing and balance necklace

    40cm chain (12 x 12mm charm)

  4. $144.00
    Chakra healing and balance ring

    13mm across top (adjustable)

  5. $84.00
    Crystal quartz double point healing necklace

    45cm chain (22 x 6mm charm)

  6. $132.00
    Quartz crystal double point healing bangle

    56mm wide (crystal 20 x 6mm)

  7. $72.00
    Goddess Aphrodite necklace

    40cm chain (15 x 15mm charm)

  8. $132.00
    Ocean Goddess ring

    12mm wide (adjustable)

  9. $68.00
    Ocean Goddess necklace

    40cm chain (12 x 12mm charm)

  10. $84.00
    Silver oyster pearl necklace

    40cm chain (15 x 11mm charm)

  11. $77.00
    Pearl stud earrings

    10 x 10mm

  12. $120.00
    Pearl band ring

    7mm wide (adjustable)

  13. $84.00
    Pearl hoop earrings

    30mm drop

Filter by

13 items

13 Items

13 Collections


Silver Ocean Goddess

Each piece has meaning and purpose, all drawn from my love of the sea at home and abroad. The magic of the ocean’s colour, waves, sounds, creatures and natural treasures has been captured in this small collection to wear and gift for the true ocean lover and goddess in us all. Light and love, Anna Dimond (Designer)